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Remetrik is a royalty accounting and back-office solution for record labels, music distributors, and music publishers.

We make the entire royalty process easier, more efficient, more accurate, and more transparent.

Royalty Accounting & Analytics

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Remetrik provides an affordable accounting solution for both master and publishing royalties as a cloud-based software-as-a-service.

Features include:
Predictable pricing - no rev share!Comprehensive analyticsCombined master & publishing approachAutomated statement ingestionAutomated delivery of statements to recipientsUS mechanical royalty calculationUS withholding tax calculationSpecial features for Merlin members

Catalogue & Data Management

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Remetrik includes a sophisticated dashboard to manage your entire catalogue on both the master and publishing sides.

Features include:
Import / export of data using DDEX & Common Works Registration (CWR) formatsAbility to link sound recordings & compositionsStorage of audio files, artwork, logos and imagesShare your catalogue in whole or in part with others

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About Us

Remetrik Inc., a Techstars portfolio company, is a privately-held corporation.

Our team has been working in the music industry, specifically in the areas of label services, distribution. and publishing, since 2005.

We're passionate and committed to helping music businesses better manage all of their back-office processes.

Please contact us if you have any comments or questions whatsoever.

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